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Matt Eisler and Kevin Heisner of Bar Deville and Nightwood have teamed up with Nick Podesta and Jason Freiman of Duchamp to develop a new bar/restaurant concept focusing on craft beer and sausage. Slated to open at the end of October, Bangers & Lace is located at 1670 West Division Street. Why Bangers & Lace? “Bangers” is a British term for sausage and “lace” as in “Brussels lace,” the intricate veil of beer foam that clings to the side of the glass as it is consumed. Lace indicates a well-crafted beer and a clean glass. 

Bangers & Lace promises to be a beer drinkers haven offering a selection of close to 100 brews including 32 draft options, with a focus on North American products, and an extensive bottle selection featuring a discriminating list of rare vintages. An antique wooden cooler nicknamed the “six pack” will house six rotating draft selections, usually seasonal beers from local breweries. The beer program will be overseen by Certified Cicerone™, Ria Neri, an expert in selecting, acquiring and serving a wide range of beers, similar to the role of a sommelier in the wine world. But, don’t let the fancy wording fool you; the beer selection will be approachable and cater to beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

With all that beer, patrons are sure to be hungry. Bangers & Lace will offer a menu intended to compliment the beer selection. Executed by Chef Adam Wendt, formerly of Duchamp, the menu is broken into five sections; snacks, plates, sandwiches, dogs and sweets.  As it’s name implies, the menu features a wide variety of sausages, along with a few vegetarian options.

Nosh your eats at the custom zinc bar with seating for 20, hand-built mahogany communal table accented by Shaker-style chairs, or at a handful of smaller tables that inhabit the back room. The overall décor is lodge-inspired with vintage light fixtures, cedar siding on select walls, leather couches and a wood-burning stove in the back room. The rustic design continues into the restrooms with forest murals covering the walls top to bottom. 

A laid-back neighborhood bar, Bangers & Lace is an ideal spot to grab a beer, hang-out with friends and indulge in the perfect combo – beer and sausage.